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Deno vs Go
Simple test to check to see which one is fast either Go or Deno
Three almost similar go commands
Have you ever thought what's the difference between go build, go run and go install?
Effective way to read environment variables in Go
A simple definitive guide for beginners in Go to work in environment variables
A RESTFul Go living in docker
A simple definitive guide for beginners in Go to build a REST API and running inside docker container
An efficient way to compare strings in Go
Is there a better way to compare strings than using == in Golang ? Lets see
8 Most used functions of strings pkg in Go
This blog lists description of most used functions of strings package in Go
Installing Go on Ubuntu
This blog shows steps to install Go 1.14.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Multiple Return Values: Golang
In Golang, It is allowed to return multiple values from a function, using a return statement