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Could not find GradleWrapperMain
One of the common error occurs is system unable to find GradleWrapperMain
Best Visual Studio Code Extensions
These Visual studio code Extensions are all needed for one who is beginning to build an app
Superfast subatomic java (Quarkus)
As part of my quest to get my idea into the cloud as an app, I stumbled across this beautiful product called QUARKUS
WSL Ubuntu upgrade to Disco Dingo
After installing Ubuntu Microsoft app by default Ubuntu will install the latest stable Ubuntu LTS release
Installing Go on Ubuntu
This blog shows steps to install Go 1.14.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
8 Most used functions of strings pkg in Go
This blog lists description of most used functions of strings package in Go
An efficient way to compare strings in Go
Is there a better way to compare strings than using == in Golang ? Lets see
The Command Pattern in Java
The command pattern is a behavioral design pattern and is part of the GoF‘s formal list of design patterns. This pattern intends to encapsulate in an object all the data required for performing a given action (command)